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Young adults join together to learn strategies for defending traditional marriage

DARING TO GO COUNTERCULTURE: Alana Newman speaking at the ITAF conference.Enlarge Image

Photo by Angela Lu
DARING TO GO COUNTERCULTURE: Alana Newman speaking at the ITAF conference.

Talk about a counterculture: 41 young men and women recently attended the fifth annual It Takes A Family (ITAF) conference to learn how to support traditional marriage. (more…)

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By Jennifer Roback Morse

This article was first published at on August 28, 2013.

The blogosphere has been all abuzz with reactions to Catholic intellectual Joseph Bottum’s recent meandering piece on same sex marriage. The Sexual Revolutionaries consider Bottum’s support of redefining marriage a coup, while supporters of natural marriage are naturally disappointed. But I think this article provides important clues to the way the Sexual Revolution has proceeded and succeeded. And far from persuading me to change my views, Mr. Bottum has convinced me more than ever that natural marriage is the right side of history. (more…)

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By Jennifer Thieme, CP Op-Ed Contributor and Director of Finance & Advancement for the Ruth Institute.
This article was first published August 8, 2013, at
Note: Ms. Thieme’s initial column on Log Cabin Republicans and Abraham Lincoln can be seen here. Gregory T. Angelo of the Log Cabin Republicans responded with a column that can be read here.

The Log Cabin Republicans did not address the central point I made, which is how same sex marriage changes the status between parents and their children. The claims for “marriage equality” pale in comparison to the vast transfer of authority from natural families to the state. It’s a case of the good being the enemy of the best. (more…)

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by Mark Regnerus, a presenter at Ruth Institute’s It Takes a Family Conference 2013.

This article was first published on June 7th, 2013, at

The sexual permissiveness of men will emerge a winner in the contest of ideas as same-sex marital norms begin to shape the larger institution of marriage.

Will same-sex marriage cause harm to opposite-sex marriage? It’s one of the most enduring questions surrounding state and national legal decisions about marriage. (more…)

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by Jennifer Roback Morse

This article was first published at Thomas International Center.

Have you ever heard comments like these? “People oppose gay marriage only for religious reasons, because there really aren’t any rational non-religious reasons to oppose gay marriage.” “You are fighting for a lost cause. Marriage was lost a long time ago.” And finally, how about this one, “It is time to throw in the towel, and accept the inevitable.” (more…)