Building a Better Fatherhood

Self-giving love is the best foundation for family life

By Scott Yenor

This article was originally published at on September 21, 2014.

Cultural support for fatherhood has collapsed in the past 50 years, and there are few signs of a renewal. In light of this, how can fathers summon the courage to fulfill their mission?

Their mission is two-fold: to love their wives and commit to providing for the total welfare of their child. Each of these requires from men a conscious attitude of self-giving love. This admirable attitude does not come always naturally to us, and it is increasingly under siege in our culture that emphasizes independence and self-fulfillment. (more…)

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Manhood and Modern Mores

by Michael Bradley, a Ruth Institute ITAF ’13 student

This article was first published June 18, 2013, at

Father’s Day 2013 has been accompanied, as is usual anymore, by many reflections on the sorry state of fatherhood in the western world. (more…)

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What Dads Do

Social science has shown beyond any shadow of a doubt that dads matter. But there is a lot of controversy over what exactly dads contribute. It isn’t just that two-parent households have more income, although they do. (more…)

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