Defenders of traditional marriage file briefs ahead of this month’s oral arguments

by Mary Reichard

This article first appeared April 20, 2015 at ​

Among the 147 friend-of-the-court briefs filed in the Supreme Court’s upcoming case on same-sex marriage, one unusual, personal story stands out. Doug Mainwaring is one of several same-sex attracted men who believe in traditional marriage.

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by Sarah Reinhard

This article was first published at on December 18, 2013.

Dr. Jennifer Morse wears many hats, any one of which would keep most people’s hands completely full. She’s the founder and president of an institute to further marriage, a senior research fellow and an author. Her experience includes research and teaching for big-name universities. She’s written scholarly articles that have appeared in an exhaustive list of publications, and she’s undoubtedly an expert in her field. The goal of the Ruth Institute, according to its website, is “to promote lifelong married love to college students by creating an intellectual and social climate favorable to marriage.”

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by Betsy Kerekes – Director of Online Publications, The Ruth Institute

“This was a smashing event. I am ecstatic,” said Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, founder and president of the Ruth Institute, regarding its first annual gala, held June 2nd at the Town and Country Resort in San Diego.

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by Jennifer Kabbany – Associate Editor of The College Fix

First published June 3, 2013


SAN DIEGO – Anne Petty always believed in and supported the traditional definition of marriage – but the 23-year-old Idaho college student said she didn’t know how best to defend her position other than to cite the Bible.

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By Nicole Kay

Shortly after arriving Friday night, I was pleased to be able to address the entire conference of 250+ students and tell them about the Ruth Institute’s work supporting young adults. I told them about the mission of the Ruth Institute and about the Emerging Leaders program.

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